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The Birth Of Frances Wren

Birth photography is such a tender genre of photography. There is truly nothing like it. Nothing can prepare you for the rollercoasted of emotions that you can encounter at a birth.

Beeing able to photograph births has been one of the most rewarding aspects of my career as a family photographer. Watching these beautiful, warrior mothers go through hell and high water to birth their beauitiful babies has been a life changing experience.

The birth of Frances Wren is no different.

Long before Frances made her much anticipated appearance, we were all curious to find out if her mama was having a boy or a girl. Just like with their first baby, the parents decided to keep the gender a surprise. I personally absolutely love that kind of anticipation! I was team boy because I thought it would be great for little Hunter to have a little brother!

Preparing for a birth is always fun yet nervewracking. Birth photographers have to be on call for weeks before and weeks after the due date. The go-back so to always be packed. The camera has to be ready a moment's notice. On February 9th I began receiving texts from this mama that things were finally progressing - the sweet baby was due to come out! I may have gotten an hr or two of sleep that night but by 2am I was headed out the door.

Jeannette is a warrior. Just like with her first baby, she wanted her second child to be born in the comfort of her home and she planned for a home water birth in the presence of midwives and a helpful doula! You can read a little more about a doula does here.

Labor was progressing really well and this mama was able to get a couple of minutes rest in between her contractions. Her wonderful husband was by her side throughout this experience.

Meanwhile, 3am rolled around. We all stood there holding our breath in anticipation for the moment that was undoubtfully very near. The house was very quiet. You could hear a penny drop. Their first child Hunter was peacefully asleep in the other room. Just as Jeanette was getting ready for her body to push, we began to hear little steps across the floor. Hunter was awake and on the dot to meet his new sibling. Below are some moments that were captured as soon as the baby was in mommy's arms and also the very moment she found out the gender.

I am not sure what higher powers were involved here but I think Hunter sensed that he was needed and woke up just in time to meet his SISTER! Isn't this moment when they first meet absolutely precious?

Their little girl was named Frances Wren. As a boy mama, Jeanette could not believe that she now had a daughter and the moment she realized that a little girl was born - well let's just say I will never forget that facial expression. Only moms can show so much emotion with just one look. Frances was the most peaceful baby. She lay peaceful and snug on her mommy's chest while everyone was busy rushing around and getting things ready for her!

Now daddy to a girl! Rodney was so tender with this little peanut! And check out how excited Hunter was to lay eyes on his brand new sissy. He instantly became obsessed with her.

Birth photography is an incredible job. There are truly no words to describe this experience. If you ever have the opportunity to hire a birth photographer - I would advise you to 100% take it! Those moments - no one can quite describe them. But as they say - a picture is worth a thousand words. Welcome to the world Frances Wren!

Oga Kubrak Photography is a San Diego North County maternity, birth and newborn photographer. Olga Kubrak Photography specializes in newborn studio portraiture and offers a unique guided experience to newborn portraits as well as a tailored product packages.

Being both a studio and on-location newborn, children and family fine art photographer means that Olga Kubrak Photography can travel all over San Diego and surrounding areas.

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