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San Diego Family Photographer / This is Seven. Part 1.

Olga Kubrak Photography - San Diego Family Photographer

Of course I am a couple of months behind posting these highlights from my daughter's seveth birthday portraits. A lot has changed in our household over the last couple of months. We added a new baby boy to our family of three. He fit right in, like he was always there. But this post is not about him. It is about her and the fact that she turned seven. January 22nd.

I thought long and hard about where we would capture her portraits and what kind they would be. I had the hardest time coming up with ideas (being 40 weeks pregnant will do that to you). Honestly, I did not know how I wanted to commemorade this age for her. Then it dawn on me. We would do a couple of lifestyle shoots in the places she loves the most as a seven year old.

Kids Portraits San Diego

What kid doesn't like ice cream and yogurt? This one certainly does! Her dance studio is located walking distance to Yogurtland and we usually got a treat either before or after dance class. She has since dropped dance but the tradition to pick up some yogurt remains!

One day she will be grown and we may both forget how special these quick yogurt stops were for us. She turned 7 just days before her brother was born. That is seven years of being an only child and a total mama's girl. In those days leading up to the birth, I especially wanted time to slow down so I could enjoy having her all to myself for a little while longer. Giving her my undivided attention and spoiling her just a little more than needed.

San Diego Family Portraits

I am so glad we chose to capture the mundane, the ordinary, the everyday. These perfectly represent her - pigtails, sweet tooth and all! I am happy we took the time to capture something that feels so routine and created a series of beautiful portraits that reflect her personality and character. I hope she looks back at these and remembers that no matter how busy, hectic or tired we were after a long day of school, errands and dance - we always took the time to stop for some yogurt and make some memories.

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Being both a studio and on-location newborn, children and family fine art photographer means that Olga Kubrak Photography can travel all over San Diego and surrounding areas.

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