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Successful family portraits in 3 easy steps!

Planning family portraits seems to be the cause of stress for so many clients. The idea of having to figure out clothes, shoes, ties and bows as well as have everyone on their best behaviours appears very daunting. But it does not have to be such a stressful process. If anything - I always tell my clients how much fun they will have getting ready for and in the process of their session. There are just a couple of simple steps along the way that if followed, will ensure a very smooth session, happy kids and calm mommies and daddies!

1. Outfits (you probably already have them!)

I know we all enjoy adding fun new pieces to our wardrobe but if you don't have the time to shop or prefer a more budget friendly approch to planning outfits - just look in your closet!

I provide outfit guidelines to all my clients and encourage them to ask questions and send me images of the outfits they plan to wear! There are a couple of really simple rules to adhere to - mix patterns and solids sparingly, the brighter the color the less there should be of it and don't try and get everyone to match but rather adhere to a "color family". More than likely, you already own the outfits described above. Wear your favorite pieces! These images are supposed to reflect your very essense - only wear what you are comfortable in and what complements you best!

2. Attitude (have a great one!)

Expect your session to be easy-breezy. As a photographer that focuses on real, raw interactions and emotions - I will never ask you to say cheese or strike any awkward poses. You are hiring me to capture your family and you are unique. Our session will be filled with snuggles, giggles, tickles and lots of laughter.During the session, I will gently prompt your family with directions such as "now everyone tickle mommy" or "who can give daddy the biggest hug?".

If your session includes kids, the chances are they won't always be on their best behaviour or their attention will occasionnaly drift. And that is totally okay. Capturing the essense of their childhood does not involve them standing still, hands in pockets and trying to smile their best smile. We want them to act their age - so that when you look back at these images 10 years from now you will remember exactly who they were at that age!

3. Snacks and treats (for everyone!)

No point in denying that delicious snacks can brighten our day in an instant! I always encourage my clients to bring their kids favorite snacks and treats and I absolutely always show up to sessions with lollips/skittles/little chocolates.

The key is not to make any promises at the beginning of the session but rather for the treat to be a surprise when your child starts to show signs of "I've had enough of this lady pointing her camera at me". Right at this moment, the promise of a treat or an actual treat being produced will get them back on track!

I will also mention that I've had moms bring a beer or two to keep dads motivated during the session - no harm no foul! And of course there is always the promise of everyone going out for a delicious meal or some ice cream right after the session - since you are all dolled up, why not?

So if you have any reservations about booking your next family portraits - have no fear! Capturing portraits can be a wonderful and pleasant experience. If I had a dollar every time one of my clients told me "wow, this was so much easier than we thought it would be!"...

Olga Kubrak Photography is a San Diego North County maternity, birth and newborn photographer. Olga Kubrak Photography specializes family and lifestyle photography and offers fine art product solutions for all clients.

Being both a studio and on-location newborn, children and family fine art photographer means that Olga Kubrak Photography can travel all over San Diego and surrounding areas.

To book your family, maternity, birth and newborn portraits today, please contact me here.

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