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San Diego Kids Photographer / Save Your Images (The Correct Way)

Just like me, you probably have thousands of precious photos of your family and friends stored on your PC or laptop in one form or another. You probably mean to back those up or save them to a secure location to better protect them. But maybe you never quiet get around to doing that. Knowing that our digital files are living peacefully on our computers gives many of us a false sense of security. Hardrives are not the most reliable technology in the world. Third party storage (Cloud, Amazon) can face bankrupcy and can become obsolete overnight. You also need to know that there’s no completely foolproof method to backing up your images. I don't want you to loose your most treasured images. Be it your wedding day, or an image of your child taking his first steps, or memories of you bringing you puppy home. Let's make them all last!

Here are FIVE simple things you could do today to ensure your digital files last for generations to come!

1. If you still have images on CDs - move those to a hard drive now. I don't own any technology in my home that even reads a CD - do you? If you have prints of images you value - digitalize them by scanning them.

2. Invest in a reliable, well know and secure hard drive with lots of space. I have a couple of these bad boys.

3.The golden rule is to have a backup hardrive to your main hardrive and to store those in two separate locations (one in your home and one somewhere completely different).

4. Register with third party storage (Amazon Prime Photos, Dropbox and etc). These storage solutions cost as little as $9.99 per month to maintain. A very small pricetag to put on those absolutely priceless images of yours.

5. Be sure to print your most sacred images. Organize them by year, by occasion or by family member and create heirloom albums. Create a tangible product that future generations can hold and treasure. Just imagine your great grand kids sitting around the dinner table looking through your iCloud storage reminiscing and sharing stories from your life (yes, I find that hard to imagine too). Let's place an album into their laps. Help your images last longer by following these guidelines. Whichever method you pick, don't put off backing up your data any longer. These are priceless treasures!

Olga Kubrak Photography is a full service San Diego North County wedding, maternity, birth and newborn photographer.

Being both a studio and on-location newborn, children and family fine art photographer means that Olga Kubrak Photography can travel all over San Diego and surrounding areas.

To book your lifestyle, event, wedding or maternity, birth and newborn portraits today, please contact me here.

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