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Preserving a legacy

Does your family have an old treasured album that everyone dotes on although it now nearly 100 years old?

Mine certainly does. Or maybe your parents have a wedding portrait from many decades ago that is framed beautifully in their home.

Perhaps as a child, you loved looking through these family heirlooms and breathing in the smell of those old images as you carefully turned each page.

If you are a visual or tactile person like then being able to see and hold an image is very important to you. The transition into offering printed products came so naturally. I already create stunning art for my clients and now I get to hand it over to them as a finished product. This product then gets to bring joy to them and their families. It outlives all of us. It carries a legacy.

I would love to show off this luxury heirloom album that all my clients now have the option of purchasing. This album comes dressed in a beautiful, sturdy box with a linen finish that matches its cover. The album pages are incredibly thick and are so durable. Each page is a piece of art all on it's own. There are limitless ways to display and organize the images within the album. Turning each page feels like an adventure.

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In this digital age, it is very easy to forget the value of a printed, tangible product. We all know that files corrupt easiliy but an album like this is sure to still be around many decades later.

I would love to create heirloom albums for your family. Just imagine talking about your child's grandparents after they are long gone and wanting to show them images and then asking them to find a certian usb that sits at the bottom of your junk drawer.

Why go through that when you can pick up a beautiful, handcrafted and designed to perfection album that reflects your family beautifully.

Olga Kubrak Photography is a San Diego North County maternity, birth and newborn photographer. Olga Kubrak Photography specializes in newborn studio portraiture and offers a unique guided experience to newborn portraits as well as a tailored product packages.

Being both a studio and on-location newborn, children and family fine art photographer means that Olga Kubrak Photography can travel all over San Diego and surrounding areas.

To book your maternity, birth and newborn portraits today, please contact me here.

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