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Awesome Doula At Your Cervix

Birth photography. This is probably the most intimate, personable and sacred genre of photography that exists out there. I am head over heels in love with birth photography. Witnessing and capturing a baby being born is hands down the most powerful and emotional experience you could ever go through. If you do not agree with me - then you probably have not witnessed a birth just yet.

However, this post is not about birth photography. This is dedicated to a wonderful doula that I had the pleasure of working with recently. I am excited for you to meet Ashley - a San Diego based doula who is a rockstar at her job!

If you don't yet know what a doula is or just want to learn more about what the job entails then read on! Perhaps you are expecting or know someone that is - then Ashley is your gal!

1.Tell us a little about yourself

First and foremost, I am mom to 7 year old triplets. They are the reason I am a doula and birth education. They changed the fabric of my being and awoke the advocate in me. I have an amazing partner in my husband of 10 years who helps me be the best mom and doula I can be. When I am not teaching expecting families and attending births, I love spending time with them. They are my best friends!

2. Tell us about what you do?

As a doula, I meet with a family a few times prenatally to plan their birth, facilitate conversations with their care provider and make sure we are all on the same page for their birth. I provide resources to help them figure out exactly WHAT they want for their baby’s ONE birth. How will they create a day and room filled with love and support. How will they support each other through that process. And how will I support them that day. Then they call me to join them when they are in labor and I am with them through the whole process as they need me to be.

3. How long have you been a doula?

I have been a doula for 5 years. I have attended nearly 120 births in that time. It has been a busy 5 years.

4. What are some of the responsibilities that a doula has?

I feel like being a doula is always a balance. We cannot feel more responsible for or want and outcome for a birth more than the birthing mother does. As a doula it is my job to make sure they get balanced and evidence based information so they can make truly informed decisions for themselves. It is my job to make sure they can stand in their role as advocates for their baby. I try to make sure they can get as much from their birth plan as possible, ease communication with the staff and help them roll with any changes that might happen along the way.

5. How long before birth should a mommy book your services?

The sooner the better. Doulas fill up pretty quickly. I like at least 3 months prior to the due date so we can meet at least 2 to 3 times. The more time we spend together, the more trust is built and the easier communication is through the birth process.

6. What kind of help should a mommy expect from a doula during delivery?

A doula should provide physical, emotional and informational support. Sometimes all a mom needs is the voice of her doula as reassurance that she is doing amazing. Sometimes she needs non biased, evidence based information to help her make decisions, like whether or not she was pain medication or what positions to try. And sometimes she really need that hands on, physical support such as massage and counter pressure. It can change between any of those from moment to moment. The mom will know in the moment exactly what support she needs from her doula.

7. Tell us what you love most about your job.

There are so many things about this work that fill me with gratitude. But the moment the baby hits that mom’s chest for the first time and she looks around in disbelief that she actually gave birth to a brand new human being is just priceless.

8. Are there any additional services that you offer as a doula?

As a doula, I also work closely with The Birth Education Center of San Diego. Through The BEC, I provide doula matching so I can help families find their perfect doula. That is a role that brings me so much joy. I also teach private and group HypnoBirthing classes. Additionally, I teach some of our Professional Doula Series classes to help newer doulas build their careers.

9. Share some birth wisdom with expecting mommies.

Trust your babies. This is not a careless design, babies are intelligent participants in this process and are powered by instincts. They chose you as their parents for a reason and you are there to provide them the most gentle, loving entrance into the world possible. This baby is born ONE time. The care you receive, the feeling in the room and the intention for them means so much. The door they exit through is not nearly as important as the energy and love that welcomes them

10. How can moms contact you?

IG: @3littlestetsons



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