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Pink and Woodsy Cake Smash

I absolutely adore when the babies I protographed as newborns return for a cake smash session! As an observer, I am in awe of how much they have grown and how much they have learned over the year.

Sophia is one of those wonderful babies that I got to watch grow! We combined her cake smash with family portraits and the results just exceeded all expectations!

Sophia was loved on throughout the session; mommy and daddy covered her in hugs and kisses while I snapped away. Grandma was also on site to help with the occasional cheerio bribe or to join in singing nusery rhymes with me or meowing like a cat to get Sophia smiling!

The golden hour outdoor family portraits have my whole heart! Having captured a few "Christmas Card" poses, we went on to more candid captures and even got a few images of little Sophia by herself in her adorable sailor outfit that matchd her daddy's uniform so well.

Sophia soon traded her toddler sailor dress for a fluffy pink tutu that matched her pink and gold cake smash set up!

The last rays of sun as it was setting, shone deeply through the trees and highlighted the gold crown the little pricesses was wearing and make everything even more sparkly!

The light pink rosette cake has a real treat for the little one. This was her very first time tasting a cake and she was rather cautious and did not go wild with it. Sophia was very careful and gentle with her cake and we captured every moment!

Every great cake smash ends with a warm bubble bath! Lucky for us, San Diego has very warm Decembers and Sophia was perfectly content splashing around in her little tub!

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