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Festive Maternity Milk Bath

Maternity sessions truly have my whole heart. When this particular mama reached out requesting a maternity milk bath session I was overjoyed - as those are my very favorite to capture! I adore how versatile milk baths can be - no two are ever the same.

As a San Diego maternity and newborn photographer, I am constantly capturing those very special baby bumps and brand new cherubs. Although we are so lucky to live in sunny California and have infinite miles of golden shores available to us - I secretly favor these milk bath sessions!

San Diego Maternity Milk Bath

When this beautiful mama walked into her appointment with me, I immediately let her know that I have a surprise for her. The night before this session, it occurred to me that so close to Christmas it would probably be fitting to include beautiful pines, twigs and poinsettia flowers into the milk bath. That is how the festive maternity milk bath idea came about! I am so glad that I trusted my instinct and that Kate was on board with all my "out of the box" ideas! She later told me that the festive milk bath part of the session was actually her favorite!

If you are interested in learning how to set up a maternity milk bath session in the comfort of your own home, check out this article I wrote for the awesome Life and Lens Blog here.

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