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Joshua Tree Desert Engagement

"Desert sunsets. The sun and the earth always seem larger. Wilder. Brighter. More demanding. More silent. Somehow more certain".

Joshua tree engagement portraits

Aika and Alex planned their perfect San Diego wedding in June 2017. However, before having the opportunity to capture the moment they said their "I Do's" we stole some time to travel to the desert and create breathtaking portraits there.

Joshua Tree National Park is a distinct and absolutely magical desert that is situated between the Mojave and Colorage deserts. The bizzare, fluffy trees and plants look like something straight out of a Dr Seuss book and the rolling 429,690 acres of hills and dunes are breathtaking. Needless to say when Alex and Aika suggested capturing their engagement portraits at the Joshua Tree desert - I did not have to think twice.

Desert Engagement Portraits

The rough terrain provided the perfect backdrop for romantic engagement captures and the playful and candid nature of these lovers made creative these portraits easy-breezy. Venturing into the desert, we did not need to look very hard for the perfect location as it was all around us. Every fallen rock and dry cactus was spellbinding.

Joshua Tree Wedding Photographer

I would return to Joshua Tree National Park in a heartbeat. There is nothing quite like capturing those souls, crazy in love surrounded by wilderness and captivating landscapes.

Joshua Tree Wedding Photographer

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